A New Tide of Joy is Beginning to Flow 

A New Tide of Joy
is Beginning to Flow 

Dr Bonas, the owner of the Kekaikialealea retreat house.

Dr Noe’ Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD

Dr Bonas offers retreats for tropical healing: Caring for the caregivers retreats, Couples retreats, Solo healing retreats of 7 to 10 days. She teaches Lomi lomi massage and La’ua Kahea the “calling medicine,” training courses, and Ho’oponopono—to make things right.

In addition to renting the house to people from all over the world:
Dr Bonas [Noe’, Noekealaokalehuaonaonaikauka] provides individual consultation services or trainings to your guests, as well as being a guide to parts of the island for your guests with prior arrangements.

The focus of Dr Bonas’ work for the last 45 years has been passionate living and caring for the body, heart and soul.

Dr Bonas is a Holistic Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, with a vast background in Eastern and Western healing therapies of the Body, Mind and Spirit. She has a Doctorate in Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine, and holds national status as a Diplomat in both fields. Dr Bonas also has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a major in Human Anatomy.

She is a Certified Polarity Health Instructor, and Hypnotherapist. Master NLP Practitioner, received NLP trainers’ training from NLP creator Robert Dilts, studied with NLP founder, Richard Bandler, and Ericksonian hypnosis with Stephen Gilligan PHD. She studied with EFT Master, Gwyneth Moss PhD, and Faster EFT with Robert Smith in BC, Canada and England. (EFT helps you to live well. EFT and faster EFT are tools for clearing the emotions of the past while opening you to an awesome experience now while expanding an evolution of consciousness for a mindful happy future to continue.) In addition, she is a LAB (Language and Behavior) practitioner and trainer certified by Shelle Rose Charvet. […to name only some of her teachers]

Dr Bonas has studied many other forms of emotional and physical therapeutics which help to release the cause of dis-ease. She is a 7th degree, Soul Star Reiki master. Her research in the psycho-spiritual aspects of health has enabled her to integrate these disciplines into her work and teachings.

Dr Bonas has studied healing methods for most of her life. She has taught courses in conscious living and dying. In the early 80’s she taught courses in etheric and astral physics, as well as metaphysical cosmology from a Western, Oriental, and Hindu perspective, i.e., how the interplay formlessness and form oscillate within all aspects of life, and how that energy cascades through the octaves of our being, and interacts with the physical and emotional experiences of the body. Our body’s energy is reflected in the acupuncture pulses.

Dr Bonas is a master of Pulse diagnosis. Acupuncture pulse diagnosis reflects the inner and outer experiences of the body, mind and spirit, which are often unnoticed by the perception of our conscious minds. Our pulses become the voice of the song of the soul. Dr Bonas’s master ability to detect and listen to your acu-pulse rhythms reveals to her a key to offer to you unique, specific instructions to improve the depth and/or breath of your way of breathing. Thus, this will enhance and deepen your relaxation and mediation, while creating greater balance of your body, mind and spirit.

Aside from an intellectual knowing gained in her early years, it has been through inquiry and meditation on the Heart Sutra that influenced Dr Anna’s work, which began her studies of Buddhist Psychology, and the Bardo Thotrol: the Tibetan Buddhist Scripture known as the Tibetan Book of the Dead, in her early 20’s. These studies opened her path of conscious awakening and have deepened her insights, intuition, and experience into our vast nature.

She teaches and practices knowledge that has been handed down from healer to healer, which has increased her ability to evaluate and treat patients. Her intuitive abilities, inner vision and depth of energetic experience have expanded her higher sense perception, which embraces the Heart of Healing, and acknowledges the path of the soul in each individual. Dr Bonas has studied with Native American healers the ways and songs of healing. By a Pomo elder, she was called “Yumtha,” spiritual healer, a doctor, one who sees the needs of an individual or community through inner vision and wisdom, and implements a cure.

Preparing offerings for La’ua Kahea
the “calling medicine”

Tony Robbins says:

You’re familiar with the phrase, “where focus goes, energy flows.” Take a moment to check where your focus is directed — is it fueling your desires or your fears?

No matter where you are in this moment, you have the power to create lasting change in your life through the Three Core Decisions. We are all consistently making these three decisions in every moment:

  • what to focus on
  • what your focus means
  • what are you going to do

The results of these decisions have the capacity to propel us towards our dreams or plunge us into confusion.

This choice, however, is always within your power. Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew how to shift your focus from what’s holding you back to what pushes you forward.

Have you taken the time recently to strengthen your ability to harness the power of decisions?

Dr Bonas  weaves an integrative healing approach of 45 years of practice—embraced by the wisdom teachers, the tropical elements of Hawaii—for transformational Ho’ola / healing to occur body mind and soul.

Regardless of how your life looks, feels or seems, you hold the power to create change — right now — through your first and second core decisions: focus and meaning.

Now, learn to breakthrough with your Third Core Decision: Action.

When the going gets tough, many people will choose to avoid, deny or escape by shutting down or running away from their visions and dreams — rather than insisting on success by taking unrelenting, massive action.

“It’s not knowing what to do; it’s doing what you know.”   — Tony Robbins

Dr Bonas has over 45 years of experience treating patients, life coaching, and it has been here in Hawaii at Kealakekua Bay, that listening to and feeling the tropical elements has become her guide to greater inner peace and happiness.

Dr Bonas invites you to bring your group retreats and families to Hale Maluhia La’a,  retreat home of sacred peace, to rest, heal and rejuvenate, and have fun.

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