A New Tide of Joy is Beginning to Flow 

A New Tide of Joy
is Beginning to Flow 


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Preparing for the Pules at Kilauea Crater
the prayers for healing passed to:

Noekealaokalehuaonaonaikauka/ Dr. Noe’ Anna Bonas
by Po’o Kahuna Pule Lanakilakahuokalani Brandt who
hanai her [adopted her] to pass on the Po’o Huna La’au Kahea
calling medicine healing traditions of the priesthood; Order of Lono.
Pule Ho’o wehe:
Prayer Opening the way
E Na Aumakua, Na Kumupa’a
Our ancesters who have passed over
E Ho Mai Ka Ike Mai Luna Mai E
Bring the knowledge from on high
O Na Mea Huna Kapu E
Knowledge hidden, sacred knowledge
The Healing Breath.  E ola piha, E ola mau
“Heal fully Heal permanently”

KA PULE HO’OLA WAI: Prayer to consecrate the Water

PULE HO’OMA’EMA’E ANA: Prayer for purification of the area

TA PULE HO’O KU’U: Prayer to release Mana

Dr Noe' Anna Bonas doing healing ceremony at Kilauea crater volcano
“Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better.”
  —Albert Einstein


Dr Noe Anna and

Kahuna Lanakila Brantd and Noe' Anna Bonas doing healing ceremony at Kilauea crater volcano

before preforming ceremony
at Kilauea Crater Hawaii
for a group from the US mainland

Aunty Margaret my Lomilomi kahuna and teacher

Kumu Aunty Margaret
Dr Noe’ Anna’s  Lomi Lomi Teacher

Who gave her permission to teach Lomi Lomi
Aunty also shared her deepest wisdom of
To make things right
Empty your heart before the Sun goes down

Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay Pathway of the Gods

The Ocean is a metaphor for merging yourself
with the vast ocean of the Divine.

In Kealakekua Bay…the pathway of the Gods

Hina; Malama, Goddess of the Moon,
who guides us in darkness,
Uri, she whose spark started creation.
Ha’itamalama; Goddess of the moon.
Break the light, reveal the source

There are Insights
at the edge of our experiences
Lets’ call in the
Power of Presence
In our hearts
to heal

Soulful Evolution of Consciousness in Unethical Times

 Expansiveness: Dissolves pains and stressful states
Many people have experienced a brief moment of connection or a few peak spiritual experiences but have struggled to connect to their ongoing, day-to-day experience.
It is possible to live more consistently with expansive energy and connection.
This is your divine destiny, and it is available to everyone.
Come join us at our retreat home at
Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii
awaken the power within you for Healing: Ho’ola
in our tropical paradise so you can live, and deepen your experience
in the exquisite connection with the energy of
love, peace, joy, and expansiveness
Space is Limited