Open the Heart, Free the Mind

Women’s Tropical Hawaiian Retreat

Kealakekua Bay sunset

Join us on the Big Island for a Relaxing, Nourishing, Healing Retreat

We invite you to drop in to the Deep Nature of the Kealakekua Bay, “the pathway to the gods.” Our retreat home is a Powerful Vortex situated in a Sacred Triangle of Healing Temples.

There is magic and mystery in the Natural World of the Kealakekua Bay. We offer you an opportunity to slow down, listen, feel and engulf yourself in the tropical breezes and sounds of the waves. Focusing on the natural elements and your relationship to them can bring transformation and a deep sense of inner peace.


Feel the interconnectedness of all that is: in the heart of nature—and nature in us.

In this relationship with the natural world of Tropical Elements you will have the chance to:

  • Unravel the mental and emotional habitual patterns which block your well-being—de-stress
  • Experience an expanded awareness and find an inner joy that you can take home with you
  • Rediscover the freedom of your Heart and Soul and the Vibrant Health of your body
  • Connect with your inner wisdom, insight and awareness
  • Receive a “one-on-one” session as well as journey with others in a heartfelt experience

Prior to coming to the women’s retreat, you will have a consultation with Dr Bonas.
The week will be designed considering the individual needs and desires of the participants.

snorkeling, swimming with a honu: sea turtle

Retreat is all inclusive:

Airport pickup, room, retreat, meals of tasty tropical dishes

Daily Practices for enhancing your body’s health with Mindfulness practices of walking, swimming and snorkeling,
viewing colorful tropical fish, Spinner Dolphins, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and much more...

Couples and Solo travelers welcome

Our SPECIAL price for this retreat is $1800 for a private room
Private rooms: Queen, King and Full Bedroom—
Share your room or keep it private

$800 option for a shared space in the dorm room with Twin beds

Space is limited, so sign up early
Retreat is all inclusive:
Airport pickup, room, retreat, adventures and meals

Email: Dr Anna Bonas at
for more information and registration

Course Guides
Dr Anna Noe’ Bonas DC LAC OMD & Alison Lingwood PT, U.K.

Joy in Hawaii

Being here in Hawaii at Kealakekua Bay and paying attention to the coming and going of the flow of the tropical elements, has given me experiences of ecstasy and spontaneous states of happiness. I invite you to join me to discover what is here for you.
—Dr Anna “Noe” Bonas

Alison Lingwood, Energetic Healer from the UK

When sitting on the earth for the first time of this amazing island I felt such surges of energy rushing though my body I felt like grabbing the grass in case I left the ground. For everyone who truly wants to alter their relationship with their life, the magic of this island and the warm whispering breezes brings about changes to those who are open.
—Alison Lingwood PT, U.K.

Goddess Pele