Circle Rainbow

Finding your inner Rainbow 

Opening to joy and bliss
releasing the roots of suffering

I have spent the two months in deep inner reflection on how to best serve those who have a desire to dive deep within themselves to arrive at and stabilize their inner path to greater spaciousness.

In my response to, and awareness of the deeper needs of individuals on retreat for longer periods of silence and inner inquiries, I have organized future retreats in respect to personalized meditations and self- inquiry needs. 

Everybody wants to be happy and it is our task to open this path for ourselves every day.

Suffering can become a means to an end. It is not the end. Many of us need to learn how to make things alright, to create greater wellness and further open ourselves to self-actualization.

Here in our Hawaiian retreats we utilize many methods like Ho’oponopono a Hawaiian path to making things right, combined with many Eastern, Buddhist and Western spiritual traditions to create the greater happiness and awakening we seek.

There are pains and sorrows we are all aware of and there is a way to open to serenity by inner cultivation of Joy, Love, Compassion and Equanimity; a neutral place within each of us of non- judgment.

On many levels we all share experiences of distress, yet as skies fill with clouds and rain storms come to the shores of our lives, the sun rays eventually break through creating the mist which radiates and refracts vibrant rainbows of hope and awe which dawn within us. There is a primordial joy in us that is us, yet we become closed off to it, which happens when we turn away from ourselves.

Joy, Love, Compassion and Equanimity is the inherent landscape of “our pure fundamental nature.”

Kilokilo; observing and paying attention to our inner world of emotions and thoughts opens us to Catching Rainbows every day while awakening to greater awareness and insights.

We all basically know the story of our life—the causes of sorrows and varied troubling emotions— yet very few  of us take the time to “transform our inner storms into rainbows.” Sacred Quarantine retreats are silent retreats supporting inner inquiries for opening to greater inner joy and awareness. 

In our daily retreat practices, we face difficulties and obstacles and transform them into opportunities for developing our hearts toward inner joys within ourselves without outside conditions, events, people or circumstances. We tap into our essential pure, untarnished nature of Joy, Love, Compassion and Equanimity. In Buddhism these are known as the Four Immeasurables.

Silent Guided Retreats offer us an opportunity to enhance and refine our spiritual and meditation practices to go deeper into ourselves while cultivating greater insights and awareness on the path of our awakening.

Deep inner inquiry silent retreats are about turning off the electronics, computers and phones, while “kilokilo”(paying close attention) to our inner being and becoming more fully aware and present to the rich tropical environment of being here.

As we begin to resonate our inner and outer experiences, we begin harmonizing with a nurturing symphony using age old methods for awakening to insights and expanded awareness.


Retreat Format

You will Meet with Dr Bonas: Anna aka Noe

  • Once or twice a day for checking in and guidance into going deeper into your heart.
  • pulse diagnosis to determine the best breathing method and meditation to balance wellness.

Retreats are Self-catering

You mindfully prepare the meals that you desire while eating with sensory awareness. You will have a refrigerator in which to store your food and a simple area for preparation, and an outdoor lanai to eat and reflect.

Daily focusing and listening to the songs of birds or the sound of distant waves coming to shore penetrate our daily awareness.

Meditation Practice

  • You may choose walking in the neighborhood of Kealakekua Bay or
  • Swimming and snorkeling in the bay (for avid swimmers)— as a sensory bathing meditation in the water element or
  • Turning your attention to the feeling of the temperature of air touching the skin of your face or arms

Each day becomes a participation with life within and all around you.

Ideally our silent tropical retreats are for those who have been on silent retreats before and have meditation experiences and want to dive deeper into personal awareness.

Dr Bonas, by interview on the phone or skype, will review requests from each person who desires to shift their perception and evolution of consciousness to become more spacious in their desire for personal growth and awareness.

If you would like to come to a tropical Kealakekua Bay retreat, please email Dr Bonas at to set up an interview appointment. 

1 week retreats are $1400 which includes a private room, shared bathroom, simple kitchen facilities, and daily discussions and guidance with your inner path. At this time the retreat is open to 2 women. 

Noe Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD

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Sacred Quarantine Hawaiian Retreat
Essential Ecology for Spiritual Evolution

“Living on Purpose”

Creating Spaciousness during Quarantine
Hawaiian Healing 1-4 week Women’s Retreat

Joy in Hawaii Anna Bonas
Dr Bonas, the owner of the Kekaikialealea retreat house.

Dr Noe’ Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD

Dr Bonas offers retreats for tropical healing: Caring for the caregivers retreats, Couples retreats, Solo healing retreats of 7 to 10 days. She teaches Lomi lomi massage and La’ua Kahea the “calling medicine,” training courses, and Ho’oponopono—to make things right.

In addition to renting the house to people from all over the world:
Dr Bonas [Noe’, Noekealaokalehuaonaonaikauka] provides individual consultation services or trainings to your guests, as well as being a guide to parts of the island for your guests with prior arrangements.

Please inquire about bringing a larger group of 6-10 women for a retreat.

Courses & Consultations

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our retreats and personal sessions.

Let us know what you are interested in!

Courses and workshops are kept small to allow for intimate reflection, focused deep process and inner shifts, with time for fun, walking, snorkeling with colorful tropical fish, and swimming with dolphins and sea turtles.

Check out the possibilities below.

  • Multidimensional Healing: Erasing pain and stress, exploring nature, consciousness, within the transforming qualities of Tropical Elements and their resonance to evolve our consciousness. Personal and collective healing retreats.
  • Direct Experience: Expanding awareness and the AH HA moments, set in a cosmic hologram, we awaken through tropical elemental experiences on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Awakening consciousness through intimacy of relationship, restoring inner and outer balance. For Couples and those who are flying Solo rejuvenating deeper intimacy and fulfillment in our lives.
  • Women in the Work Place: Leadership Center Program: Emotional Courage for Women Leaders What’s holding women back from leadership roles? What helps them to step forward?
  • Ethical Living: Self, Inner Health, Work & Relationships… a retreat to reflect, heal, and step forward in all aspects of your life.
  • Retreat Week: Traditional Hawaiian and non-traditional practices add to the depth and breadth of your physical, emotional and spiritual journey. Among our retreats, you will find a number of possible paths to your inner sanctuary, and the divine, ranging from inward contemplation to outward connection in our tropical setting which makes the sacred, a living experience of inter-connectedness with the intimacy of nature’s teachings.
  • Empathic Experiences with death, and being with Dying: How do we train ourselves to be with this most intimate moment of our lives? Experience the in-flow- and out-flow of nature within and outside of us in a way that connects us in the Oneness of being.
  • Caring for the Care Givers: A retreat to restore, rejuvenate and regenerate through inner and outer practices. Personal consults, and treatments to assist and support you to reduce stress and restore inner harmony. Sea turtle meditations, swimming with dolphins in the bay, and simply focusing attention gently on your inner being resonating with the harmonics of nature.

Our All-inclusive Retreats Include:

  • Tailored treatments for personal needs physically, emotionally and spiritually, as well daily programs to deepen inner and outer awareness.
  • Stress Release while exponentially increasing the experience of joy and expanded awareness of happiness.

Personal and Group Retreats

  • Tailored treatments for personal needs physically, emotionally and spiritually, as well daily programs to deepen inner and outer awareness.
  • Stress Release while exponentially increasing the experience of joy and expanded awareness of happiness.

Couples and Solo travelers welcome
Private rooms: 2 Queens, 1-King Bedroom.
1 room with Queen has a private bathroom
4th floor, Share your room /or book it for private use
Option for a shared 4th room space in the dorm room with Twin beds

For retreat information:

Email Dr Anna Bonas

We also offer Skype and Individual Consultations:

Shifting energetics habitual patterns using the “Concentra Healing” process to heal the experience of pain and stress.

It is now becoming more apparent that “buried emotions seem to never die.” They are in fact, stored both in our bodies and in our energy fields, often having subliminal influences on our behaviors, our “reactions” and our physical health.

Sessions can be done either face to face or with skype.

One hour session: $150

Half day (2 hours): $225

3 Hour intensive (3 hours): $420

Fill out the form above
to be in touch and learn more.

*Special Hawaiian Getaway Week

Create your own retreat or take a week to refresh and enjoy your life. Come and stay in our retreat home, rent a room, share a spacious kitchen, take an easy walk to the bay, snorkel, kayak, explore the Island. Personalized sessions may be set up in advance of your stay.

For Solo and couple pricing please inquire.

Retreat prices are based on course teachings and individual sessions. Transportation can be arranged from airport to retreat house.