A New Tide of Joy is Beginning to Flow 

A New Tide of Joy
is Beginning to Flow 

Retreat for Individuals and Couples

Kekaikialealea (A new tide of joy is beginning to flow)
Tropical Elemental Healing Retreat for Individuals and Couples

Balancing Earth-Water-Fire-Air-Space

At 19.5 degree ~ the Healing vortex of Kealakekua Bay
Empowerment of sacred geometry and elemental healing

Healing and evolution of consciousness
Is accentuated with our sense of connection to the
Elements of nature and nature within you.

Come join us in connecting with natures elements in this tropical setting, which enhances our capacity of connection within ourselves and the outer world. Our inter-connection with nature assists us in resonating and harmonizing ourselves, enhancing our relationships through sharing deeper intimacy with others.

Inner harmony triggers intuition and insights assisting us making better core decisions and choices to make lasting changes in all areas of our lives; “where focus goes, energy flows.”

Join us for a 7 day Tropical Eco Therapy Retreat with  Elemental Healing on the Big Island of Hawaii at Kealakekua Bay

Discover the power of nature’s elements
Enjoy creating greater feelings of happiness and joy
Natures guide to meditation for harmonizing the body, mind & soul
Breath, sounds, senses, and tropical elemental practices…
Facilitate greater insights, intuition, and awareness
Harmonizing and enriching greater health and happiness
Inner vison quests, walking meditations,
swimming with dolphins in the bay
Nutritious foods, soulful delights

Where do you want to go in your life? What do you want to discover? What do you want to awaken within you, in all that you want to be? Come and take a voyage, and travel into your own being, in the beautiful landscape of who you truly are.

“We are never truly alone. There is a magnificent Presence within  each of us waiting to be acknowledged. Come join us in an inner voyage out in the world. In the magnificent scenes in nature we can recognize our own Divine Reflection…”
—Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD
Dr Noe’ Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD, Lomi Lomi and Ho'oponopono and La'au Kahea practitioner

The focus of her inner work at her home on Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, is in the area of Elemental Healing and transformation of consciousness through the experiences of Tropical Elements.

Instructor: Dr. [Noe’] Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD, Buddhist compassionate care chaplain
Dr. Bonas has over 45 years’ experience in treating patients from all of the world in mind-body medicine, and spiritual practices. She teaches and has taught meditation and mindfulness, Care for the Care Givers, End of life Care and holistic practices for the seriously ill, death and dying,  giving courses on the US mainland, Hawaii and Europe. Dr. Bonas is a master of acupuncture pulse diagnosis which guides her to give each individual their own breathing practice for balancing the energy channels of the body.