A New Tide of Joy is Beginning to Flow 

A New Tide of Joy
is Beginning to Flow 

Hawaii Healing Workshop

Na Kumu Nalu ©
The source wave

Kekaikialealea ©
A tide of joy is beginning to flow

Na Kumu Nalu (the Source Wave) is a synthesis of indigenous ways of healing;
our physical, emotional and spiritual nature creating a greater sense of wholeness;
opening to Joy and greater wellness.

What can we learn and benefit from knowing and using, the restorative ways of indigenous healing traditions to improve our everyday lives?

Come and experience the advantages for yourself.
You are invited: Join us in Hawaii, at Kealakekua Bay.

Na Kumu Nalu embraces La’au Kahea, (ancient healing chants and prayers),

La’au lapa’au (nutritional remedies), combining Tropical Element Healing: Mindfulness meditations of connecting with source through natures elements

Lomilomi (Hawaiian physical treatments), laying on of hands, Auntie said, a loving touch is a heart to heart connection,

Ho’o nalu, Ho’onalukaikakino’okalani: Hawaiian alchemical exercises: Ho’onalu (to form or make waves), to make heavenly waves in the body. Ho’onalu movements assist the clearing of habitual emotional energetics held at the cellular, physical level with celestial waves of transformation.

Ho’oponopono (global, community, family and individual emotional and self-identity healing, “to make things right”) which generates Kekaikialealea (a tide of joy flowing). Ho’oponopono is sacred path of facing the shadow of the darkest part of you to let the Light shine inside becomes one of our greatest sources of inner and outer healing for the self and the community in which we live.

“Unless you learn to face your own shadows,
you will continue to see them in others,
because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.”

— Carl Jung

The harmonic synthesis of Na Kumu Nalu clears pains, past memories and programs that interfere with our health and wellbeing in a way that opens us to limitless experiences of joy, creating a rich experience of our present moment.

By aligning the physical, emotional and spiritual realms, we connect and create a union with the inner and outer Presence. As we experience greater expensiveness in the moment, both in the individual and the community a harmonic sense of inner and outer peace opens us to the experience of deep resonating connection. When we are able to more fully embody the Presence we awaken to insights in our hearts that nurture greater awareness and happiness.

Na Kumu Nalu uses Tropical Element Healing through mindfulness meditations, using the attentiveness of our senses and bodily sensations, we gain an expanded awareness, resulting in an effortless shifting of habitual patterns for opening happiness, healing, wellness, increasing intimacy, intuition and connection, which is the geneses of indigenous healing. 

Na Kumu Nalu Retreats and treatments are given at our retreat home on the Big Island of Hawaii, at Kealakekua Bay, on the US mainland and around the globe 

From great bliss all things arise…
in great bliss all things are sustained,
and in great bliss all things return


“Joy is the core nature of god… at its core nature is flaming with pure Divine Joy…. You don’t just trust this reflection, you do the inner work; the meditation work, the prayer work and over time you polish the mirror of your heart so that you can reflect the pure ecstatic nature of pure Joy…

Whatever you face about your own inner shadow, and whatever you have to encounter in the shadow of the world can be faced and encountered from a solid grounded peaceful, joyful passionate self, a divine human self…. At its core the [mystics] say that at its core reality is flaming with divine joy.”      

—Andrew Harvey


It is in the journey with Na Kumu Nalu….”the Ancient Source Wave” That we embark on the inner journey to discover and embrace greater Joy and happiness in our lives.

What makes your Heart Sing?

Come join us on the Big Island of Hawaii at
Kealakekua Bay…Our invitation to you:

We invite you to experience the song of your heart. Bathe your body, mind and soul, in the tropical elements of aloha.

Say good bye to stress, pains, overwhelm…, while refreshing restoring and harmonizing your health with tasty meals, receiving restoring treatments for your body and mind; meditations for creating greater centeredness and connection with all that is.

Experience greater expansiveness and openness while dissolving energetic habitual patterns that have created the feelings of stress and limitations. Open to new levels of wellness, happiness and health, while touching the essence of your soul’s nature.

Come Solo, Bring a friend or a group of friends: 5, 7 & 10-day Retreats

You are invited to stay in our beautiful private home at Kealakekua Bay—a marine sanctuary to Spinner Dolphins, Sea Turtles and colorful tropical fish.

Savory Tropical delights created by Chef Catherine Sagan

We design personalized and group courses for you.
The length of your stay based on individual needs and requests.

Courses include time for Activity and Repose

  1. Physical and energetic exercises to complement your process of awakening. These exercises and practices are designed to gently shift your awareness and deepen your sensitivities, bringing greater harmony.
  2. Meditations, mindful walks…. Swimming … and more
  3. Snorkeling with the marine life in the bay including, Spinner dolphins, turtles and Manta Rays
  4. Visiting the sacred volcano Kilauea for ceremony and hikes at other historic sites.
  5. Time for reflection and integration with the tropical elements on the nearby beaches.
  6. Individual sessions using the Tropical Elements to open greater awareness along with the A-mem process, complemented by personal Pulse diagnosis for health and meditations which align the body, mind and soul.

Transport to and from the airport, and excursions around the Island are included, if you do not want to rent a car.


Join us…

  • Nourish your body with tropical delights and savory treats
  • Activate your physical body with Splash, Swim and snorkel with dolphins in the bay, enjoying the Water Element
  • Feel the warmth of the sun and the aloha spirit
  • Reflect and meditate on the beach, opening to the Spaciousness of Being
  • Feel the tropical breeze on your skin, while hearing the wind sway the coconut palms
  • Hear and feel the sounds of the Waves coming to Shore.
  • Integration of your senses into complete awareness

“When difficulties come up in our lives, we can see them either as obstacles or as grist for the mill that has potential to bring us closer to awakening. Without these challenges and without recognizing our faults, we would spend our lives waiting for ideal circumstances instead of genuinely working on ourselves. In fact our “enemies,” those who bring up the most in us, are our greatest teachers, and instead of seeing them as demons we could see them as gifts.”

—Lama Tsultrim Allione

Joy in Hawaii Anna Bonas

Elemental Energetic Healing with 
Dr. Noe’ Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD

Dr Anna Bonas, known as Noe’ in Hawaii, Noekealaokalehuaonaonaikauka was hanai (adopted) by Kahu Lanakilapuleokalani, Kahuna Pule of Pu’u Honua Honaunau to carry on La’au Kahea (the calling medicine) the healing work of this ancient Hawaiian tradition. La’au Kahea includes individual, group and community healing through chants and Ho’oponopono, “to make things right” in ourselves and the community. Dr Noe’ also learned Ho’oponopono in the tradition of Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.

Dr Bonas was taught Lomilomi from the famous Kumu Kahuna Aunty Margaret and was given the permission to teach Lomilomi by Aunty.

Dr. Bonas combines many forms of Mind-Body-Spiritual healing, along with Acupuncture and Holistic Chiropractic methods which she has developed and practiced for 45 years.

She has been initiated into “sacred ways” of healing, by honored elders of indigenous cultures.

The main focus in her life is to deepen her knowledge of the nature of existence, and doctoring of soul ecology in this life for the next.

She has practiced and taught healing and meditation in the U.S., Europe and Hawaii. Dr. Bonas is now living on the Big Island of Hawaii at Kealakekua Bay. She is learning from the Wisdom of the Tropical Elements. Being in the moment, listening to the elements of the wind, the rain and sounds of the ocean coming to shore effortlessly creates greater states of happiness. She has discovered how to use the amazingly healing Tropical Elements as therapeutic ways to assist an individual’s awakening to their hearts songs.

Dr. Bonas uses ancient spiritual practices and knowledge of acupuncture pulse diagnosis to assess which meditation and breathing practices bring the greatest balance while integrating the body, mind and soul. She is teaching and using therapeutically an individual’s energetic habitual patterns held in the body and mind as the key to unlock the energetic pathways for healing.


ALO means to connect and share…
OHA means joyous affection,
HA is the breath of Life

So much has been said about the ‘wisdom’ of the body, and even more about the ‘intelligence’ of the body. We are shown ways to ‘communicate with the body’ to get it do things we want, like heal faster or perform better. If, however, we are truly inhabited by a Sacred Consciousness, what if we were to listen, and to keep listening without the need to interpret, fix or change? What if we were able to listen to an awareness inside of us that we cannot possibly understand, and what if that awareness has the keys to our expanded happiness, vitality, fulfillment, health and well-being?

We love to share what we been honored and have been blessed to learn, and assist you in opening new doorways — that may have been out of view— yet that are here, in you, right now.

Aloha Mai, with love; come join us,  Malama Pono; take care.

La’au Kahea: Listen to the healing call, through ancient prayers, and experience the transformative wisdom of the tropical elements while being here together in Hawaii at Kealakekua Bay.

Mahalo nui loa, Thank you very much.