A New Tide of Joy is Beginning to Flow 

A New Tide of Joy
is Beginning to Flow 

Sacred Quarantine ~ Hawaiian Retreat
Essential Ecology for Spiritual Evolution

“Living on Purpose”

Finding your inner Rainbow 

Circle Rainbow


Opening to joy and bliss
releasing the roots of suffering


How can you best be served to dive deep within to arrive at and stabilize your inner Self toward greater freedom, happiness and sense of spaciousness?

Within the awareness of the deeper needs of individuals on retreat I have organized future retreats with respect to personalized meditations based on your Oriental medicine acupuncture pulses and self- inquiry needs so that you can tap into greater wellness and balance in all areas of your life. Your pulses are a reflection of imbalance and wellness. Over many years of reading, detecting and diagnosing acupuncture pulses of over 1000’s of patients I have developed a spiritual-medical-intuitive path toward helping people bring greater balance into their lives.

Everybody wants to be happy and it is our individual task to open this path for ourselves every day.

Suffering can become a means to an end. It is not the end. Many of us need to learn how to make things alright, to create greater wellness and further open ourselves to self-actualization.

Here in our Hawaiian retreats we utilize many methods like Ho’oponopono a Hawaiian path to making things right, combined with many Eastern, Buddhist and Western spiritual traditions to create the greater happiness and awakening we seek.

There are pains and sorrows we are all aware of and there is a way to open to serenity by inner cultivation of Joy, Love, Compassion and Equanimity; a neutral place within each of us of non- judgment.

On many levels we all share experiences of distress, yet as skies fill with clouds and rain storms come to the shores of our lives, the sun rays eventually break through creating the mist which radiates and refracts vibrant rainbows of hope and awe which dawn within us. There is a primordial joy in us that is us, yet we become closed off to it, which happens when we turn away from ourselves.

Joy, Love, Compassion and Equanimity is the inherent landscape of “our pure fundamental nature.”

Kilokilo: observing and paying attention to our inner world of emotions and thoughts opens us to Catching Rainbows every day while awakening to greater awareness and insights.

We all basically know the story of our life—the causes of sorrows and varied troubling emotions— yet very few  of us take the time to “transform our inner storms into rainbows.” Sacred Quarantine retreats are silent retreats supporting inner inquiries for opening to greater inner joy and awareness. 

In our daily retreat practices, we face difficulties and obstacles and transform them into opportunities for developing our hearts toward inner joys within ourselves without outside conditions, events, people or circumstances. We tap into our essential pure, untarnished nature of Joy, Love, Compassion and Equanimity. In Buddhism these are known as the Four Immeasurables.

Silent Guided Retreats offer us an opportunity to enhance and refine our spiritual and meditation practices to go deeper into ourselves while cultivating greater insights and awareness on the path of our awakening.

Deep inner inquiry silent retreats are about turning off the electronics, computers and phones, while “kilokilo”(paying close attention) to our inner being and becoming more fully aware and present to the rich tropical environment of being here.

As we begin to resonate our inner and outer experiences, we begin harmonizing with a nurturing symphony using age old methods for awakening to insights and expanded awareness.


Are you ready willing to make needed shifts in your life?

What is your view of the world from within you?

Is it spacious? Do you feel contacted? Are you creating greater happiness for yourself and others? Do you have a sense of inner freedom? Is your life expanded or contracted? Are you empowering yourself with your thoughts? Have you made a clear decision of how you want to feel within yourself? Are you ready to give yourself the time to transform the energy of your inner self to be all that you want to be?

Transformation of your inner being is what is offered to you on retreat when you are ready and want to step forward now in your life.  Your world can be more spacious and open hearted in every moment when you chose.

In all of us there is a part of us that is pure awareness and happy without any outside circumstances. Each of us has a choice in what we want to focus on and manifest in our lives?

What are you willing to do to create what you seek?

Do you want to transform who you are, how you function, how you work in the world?  What is the nature of your power, wellness and strength? How are you transforming your life, your way of being, your relationships and your daily energetic patterns? Are you bringing greater balance and joy into your life?

How are you relating to the world?

How are you using the power of your thoughts to create what you want not what you don’t want?

There is a difference in the direction between moving toward manifestation and freedom — and moving away from pain, fear and stress.

Are you making empowering choices of moving towards greater wellness and inner freedom?

Are you ready to shift your daily reality and make it personal, responsive and transformative to your wholeness?

You are invited

Come to our retreat home in Hawaii at Kealakekua Bay.

Many people have been under a lot of stress, fear, and worry for several years. This level of stress impacts our health, emotions and visions of our future. Stress impacts the things we want to bring into our lives because stresses form resistances to our achieving what we want.

Taking the time now to cultivate a vast, expansive spaciousness will assist us to transform negative contracting and limiting stressful emotions. Our expansive and spacious thoughts become the juice of the best medicine allowing an opening of our hearts to ourselves and others. It will help improve our health, our immune system, our emotional views and attitudes and create greater happiness and guiding insights.

Experiencing expansive emotions and feelings creates a source of greater compassion and love for ourselves and others. It helps us to manifest what we want, improves our wellness and life style and gives us a new-found inner freedom to feel and support the life where we thrive.

The immediacy for vibrational shifts to take place in our lives has never been more important than it is today. It’s time for all of us to cultivate a grander, more positive, emotional, physical and spiritual change.

Come to Hawaii to take advantage of the time, and make the shifts that you would like NOW!

Kealakekua Bay

Hawaiian Healing 1-4 week Women’s Retreat

It’s time to jump into a greater healing mode and spiritual connection.
What do I deeply need at this time of my life?
What is my life really about?

Anna Bonas

An energetic practitioner Dr Bonas, Anna, or Noe’ as she is called here in Hawaii brings forth a life time of healing methods to personalize your needs for shifting stuck emotions and energetic patterns, while you open to feeling deeper inner connections, and sparking insights which reflect the quality of your inner questioning.

Our Kealakekua Bay retreat home offers you a healing space for perceiving more deeply what you want to enhance in your life. Simply by observing the tropical elements here in Hawaii one can experience a source of profound healing. It is a natural meditation for discovering a deeper more expanded Self, enhancing intuitive insights and inner feelings of wellbeing. With a sense of renewal we all step forward with greater resources to respond to our unique individual needs.

Dr Anna uses a synthesis of Wisdom traditions, Eastern and Western teachings, contemplative, Hawaiian and indigenous practices to shift energetically stuck emotional patterns into a more fluid sense of freeing spaciousness. As we open our hearts to the experience of what we share here in Hawaii, we begin to renew our cultivation of love, compassion and gratitude toward ourselves, others and the community in which we live.

In the mastery of energetic healing, Dr Bonas uses Oriental Medicine pulse diagnosis to see into the rhythms of the energy patterns in the body. By using the information in your pulses she designs breathing patterns and meditations that give greater harmony and balance in your body and being.

Please contact Dr Bonas at yumtha@msn.com
if you are interested in a personalized 3 or 4 week Hawaiian retreat.

Currently Space is limited to 3 private rooms.

These retreats are for those who have been doing inner work, are healthy and who are wanting to dive deeper and release stresses while refreshing their spirit and awakening to new possibilities.

Because of the State regulations which require a 14 day Covid quarantine, the first 2 weeks of Sacred Quarantine practice and healing work will be done on the property. The 3rd and 4th week allows you to explore other parts of the island, swim, and kayak in Kealakekua Bay and explore other healing sites on the Big Island, while continuing  the art of deep introspection.

Mayumi Oda highly refers others to “Noe’ (Dr. Noe’ Anna Bonas)… “Noe is my Spiritual Doctor, who took care of me to recover after I had 2 Strokes. I recently fell and fractured my hip in 3 places, Dr Noe has been the most helpful person to help my recovery in just 2 weeks, I am walking with a walker, no surgery, just her healing hands and prayers. She is a miracle worker. She works with patients and doctors to create miracles. I recommend her highly.”

“I have heard about Dr Noe’ Anna Bonas’ exceptional skill in healing bodies from trauma as I work with Mayumi Oda who has been a client of hers for many years. Recently I had the opportunity to experience it myself after pulling a muscle in my back. I was in excruciating pain and unable to bend down or carry anything for 2 weeks. It was so painful that I had to sleep sitting up to avoid back spasms when lying down.

After 1 treatment from Dr Noe’, I was able to lay flat and after the second treatment, I was back to normal walking and sleeping. I am so grateful after many days of pain to finally feel better.

Dr Noe’ is a universe of healing modalities (Master of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Chiropractic, Pulse Diagnosis, Indigenous Healing and so much more).

I can only say ‘Thank you Dr. Noe! for your dedication to deep listening and communicating with the body and the spirit. I have benefitted tremendously as will anyone who is blessed to be able to experience your gifts.’”

Dania McManus Wong
Captain Cook, Hawaii, September 2020

Mermaild Mayumi Oda artwork

Mermaids are a symbol of Love, and symbolize  traveling in the realms of the unconscious, the deep waters where we discover and connect with the limitless nature of who we are.” 

Artist Mayumi Oda

Sacred Quarantine ~ Hawaiian Retreat
Essential Ecology for Spiritual Evolution

“Living on Purpose”

Healing the Healers Women’s Retreat… 

igniting Soul Wisdom through Kilo; Hawaiian for “paying attention, watching closely, to observe” with equanimity, then to merge with Kilokilo; “the enchantment of magical intuition” as you ease into the art of deep reflections in this tropical setting.

There is a dance of inner and outer awareness that streams into our consciousness as we take the time to observe the deeper thoughts and emotions that either enhance or limit our path forward.

Is your inner voice asking the best questions to create the life you want of inner joy and happiness, and a life filled with purpose and fulfillment?

We weave what create in our lives by where we give our attention. What is your Kilo-Uhane, the observation of your inner soul opening as one merges with Kilo-lani, where becoming an observer becomes the experience of merging with the sky; the heavens, we open the way of the Heart Sutra, into the presence of the vast inter-connectedness of our being, beyond duality.

Sacred Quarantine retreats in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii offers an opportunity to give yourself the time to reflect on, What is important in your life now and what do you want to open to in the future for yourself and others?

A key to making lasting shifts within ourselves is taking quality time for immersion into ourselves, our life, emotions and path, with the profound art of looking within, while connecting with the heart of all that is.

Sacred Quarantine retreats offer Eastern and Western, and indigenous healing methods for weeding out old limiting beliefs and emotions which can bind us in negative, stagnant patterns which limit our ability, inhibiting our access to deeper intuitive insights. As we free limitations and stuck patterns, we open to unlimited potentials and possibilities for our lives.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of cleaning emotions and hewa; troubles within oneself and in the community to bring back balance, harmony, love and connection.

Na Kumu Nalu, the ancient source wave, inner connection, inspiration, intuition, insights and awareness, develop as we experience our inner self, osculating with the elements of nature through Kilo; paying attention, being aware of our inter-being and the harmonic interplay that occurs we experience the perception of nature with our senses. Our senses become a pathway to our awakening, joy and a deeper sense of peacefulness. 

As we take time in retreat, diving into the edge of our awareness, we open our capacity to becoming more conscious and aware of what is possible for us … moving from struggling to inspiration.

We explore what helps and what hinders, and where inner dialogue and questioning can take us, to thrive or dive. It is ones choice to learn to discriminate through conscious reflections which create the best and most empowering inner work you can do through a concentrated 3 to 4 week focused transformational retreat.

When we are “Living on Purpose,” called “skillful means” in Buddhist practices we guide the course of our life in the direction we are aiming, being happy and at peace. Being happy makes us feel better. Taking control over the direction of our thoughts and feelings, and doing it on purpose opens the way for one to experience how skillful means, living on purpose will help in challenging times.

Gradually as we increase good feelings, happiness begins to expand and excite motivation in many areas of our life. Once we feel better with the first step then better with the next and even better with the next we begin to build a habit which becomes second nature.

Aim at creating practical solutions for creating the feelings you want, while aiming past the good feelings into the future you want to have.

sacred altar
Before listening to this chant. Take 4 deep breaths “in and out”…
Hold in your heart what you want to bring into your life.  
E HO MAI is a chant calling your heart’s desires to you. 
Anna Bonas with a rainbow

Rainbows in Hawaiian are called Anuenue which are a sign that we are being blessed by the presence of the Ke Akua the gods

Are your inner questions and dialogue guiding you in a way that is empowering every fiber of your being or creating struggles? What have you been aiming at, is it creating the life you want? Are you open and curious about the creation of wonder and filling your life with gratitude?  Come to Hawaii taking the time you need to refresh your life path.

Please contact Dr Bonas at yumtha@msn.com

If you are interested in a personalized 3 or 4 week Hawaiian retreat, contact Dr Bonas so we can set up a time to talk and see if this is a good fit and what you want for yourself. 

Currently Space is limited to 3 private rooms.

This retreat is for “Healing the Healers” for those who have been doing inner work, are healthy and who are wanting to dive deeper and release stresses while refreshing their spirit and awakening to new possibilities. This retreat offers a time of releasing and letting go, so that you can open into deeper wisdom of what brings you a sense of mutuality in your work and the evolution in the path of your soul.


What is my unique purpose at this time?
What does my soul want to express?

Retreat Price includes

Airport transport

Meals: Are self-catering.

Private Treatments: Each participant will meet with Dr Bonas 2 times per week for personal treatments; these Mind/body/ spiritual sessions allow each individual to go deeper into what is most important to their inner work at this time

Group Work: These classes are a synthesis of Hawaiian practices including Ho’oponopono, shifting energetic patterns to make things right, and bring greater inner and outer harmony. Eastern and Western physical, emotional and spiritual methods will be used to address inner needs. Specific tropical elemental meditation practices to create Kilo “paying attention” looking inwardly and outwardly to nature in a way which opens inner pathways toward greater intuition and insights. As we open to greater happiness and a deeper sense of inner peace and guidance the alignment of what you want in your life gains greater clarity

2 Private bedrooms, shared bathroom $1400 pp/week   

Retreat intensives are reserved for 3 women only at this time to allow for more expansive energetic shifts with minimal distractions and concentrated attentions.

The depth of experience one has on retreat comes when we truly have a willingness to explore ourselves, being accountable and ready to dedicate this time for yourself which allows for greater integration and assimilation.

If you are interested in a 2 week, or 3 or 4 week retreat
Contact Dr Bonas yumtha@msn.com
Let’s talk together to see if this is the right course for you no

You are invited to join us.
Are you ready to step deeper into your spiritual journey?