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Courses and workshops are kept small to allow for intimate reflection, focused deep process and inner shifts, with time for fun, walking, snorkeling with colorful tropical fish, and swimming with dolphins and sea turtles.

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  • Multidimensional Healing: Erasing pain and stress, exploring nature, consciousness, within the transforming qualities of Tropical Elements and their resonance to evolve our consciousness. Personal and collective healing retreats.
  • Direct Experience: Expanding awareness and the AH HA moments, set in a cosmic hologram, we awaken through tropical elemental experiences on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Awakening consciousness through intimacy of relationship, restoring inner and outer balance. For Couples and those who are flying Solo rejuvenating deeper intimacy and fulfillment in our lives.
  • Women in the Work Place: Leadership Center Program: Emotional Courage for Women Leaders What’s holding women back from leadership roles? What helps them to step forward?
  • Ethical Living: Self, Inner Health, Work & Relationships a retreat to reflect, heal, and step forward in all aspects of your life.
  • Retreat Week: Traditional Hawaiian and non-traditional practices add to the depth and breadth of your physical, emotional and spiritual journey. Among our retreats, you will find a number of possible paths to your inner sanctuary, and the divine, ranging from inward contemplation to outward connection in our tropical setting which makes the sacred, a living experience of inter-connectedness with the intimacy of nature’s teachings.
  • Empathic Experiences with death, and being with Dying: How do we train ourselves to be with this most intimate moment of our lives? Experience the in-flow- and out-flow of nature within and outside of us in a way that connects us in the Oneness of being.
  • Caring for the Care Givers: A retreat to restore, rejuvenate and regenerate through inner and outer practices. Personal consults, and treatments to assist and support you to reduce stress and restore inner harmony. Sea turtle meditations, swimming with dolphins in the bay, and simply focusing attention gently on your inner being resonating with the harmonics of nature…


Skype and Individual Consultations:

Shifting energetics habitual patterns using the “A-MEM” process to heal the experience of pain and stress.

It is now becoming more apparent that "buried emotions seem to never die." They are in fact, stored both in our bodies and in our energy fields, often having subliminal influences on our behaviors, our "reactions" and our physical health.

Sessions can be done either face to face
or with skype.

One hour session: $150

Half day (2 hours): $225

3 Hour intensive (3 hours): $420

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Our All-inclusive Retreats Include:

  • Transportation, Lodging, Savory Tasty Meals and Personal Assessments
  • Tailored treatments for personal needs physically, emotionally and spiritually, as well daily programs to deepen inner and outer awareness.
  • Stress Release while exponentially increasing the experience of joy and expanded awareness of happiness.

$5000/per couple shared room
$2000/shared dorm room